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Entest BioMedical Inc. develops immuno-therapeutic treatments that
address illnesses and maladies in both veterinary and human medicine.

Of specific interest to us are immunological vaccines for oncology
(cancer vaccines) and veterinary clinic acquisitions.
The basis for the majority of our approaches is underpinned
by leveraging the body's own reparative / immunological
mechanisms - as opposed to using toxic chemicals.

Areas of Focus

Currently, Entest is focused on
significant therapeutic therapies that
show promise for the development of
under-served market niches with potential
high demand.

Immuno-Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine for Canines (Dog Cancer Vaccine)
The first area of focus involves the development of an immuno-therapeutic cancer vaccine for canines. One in every four dogs will develop some sort of cancer during its lifetime. The Company's goal in this area is to create a treatment that will jumpstart the dog's own immune system to fight cancer, and we have a device that is in development that we believe will be a "game-changer" for canine oncology. With the rollout of our "canines first" approach, Entest feels it can penetrate the veterinary market in the very near term (one to three years) and eventually take this immuno-therapeutic cancer vaccine into human trials once enough paid animal cases support our vaccine's efficacy.


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Entest BioMedical Successfully Completes First ImenVax(TM) Cancer Vaccine Implantation in Canine Oncology Patient


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Entest BioMedical Accepting Veterinary Clinic Sales

Veterinary Clinics & Oncology Center Acquisitions

Entest BioMedical sees the acquisition of veterinary clinics and the establishment of a veterinary oncology center as cornerstones to its business model. Veterinary clinics are believed to bring near term revenue to the company, as well as play a strong roll in product distribution as the Company brings products to market.

The veterinary oncology center will allow Entest to vertically integrate pet care, capturing revenue normally lost to outside facilities. There is a perceived dynamic relationship between the veterinary clinics and the veterinary oncology center. Veterinary clinics typically serve as general practice facilities, which normally refer cancer treatment to specialized Veterinary Oncology Centers. Entest BioMedical Inc. intends to establish or purchase its own Veterinary Oncology Center to service patients from veterinary clinics owned by Entest. This places Entest in a position of not only developing products but controlling the distribution channel as well. It is the Company's goal to become the "Cleveland Clinic" of Veterinary Oncology adhering to their "Pets first" company motto.

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